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How much does PDQuick Cost?
Just pay a low monthly Support Service Plan Fee and get PDQuick for FREE!  You will then get a license to use PDQuick on a Single Station or connect up to 10 Terminals on your Local Area Network at no additional cost. Get all of these benefits for less than the cost of a typical cell phone plan.
Please consult our PRICE LIST for details. No Monthly fee pricing options are also available.

What kind of businesses can PDQuick Service?
PDQuick software can be used for many types of enterprises such as:  Retail and Wholesale Stores, Grocery Store, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Clothing, Hardware, Boutiques, Gift Shops, Toy Stores, General Merchandise, Most Hard Goods. Many custom settings are available in PDQuick that allow you to "Fine Tune" the software for your enterprise. Download our Free Trial and use PDQuick in your business today!

Does PDQuick Require the Internet to operate?
PDQuick is a high speed local desktop based application and does NOT use the Internet or cloud based technology. If there is an Internet outage PDQuick will continue to operate without interruption. All data is stored locally in the PDQuick database and is not shared at any point over the Internet. Occasionally PDQuick may require an Internet Connection to check for software upgrades or validate that your Help Desk Service Plan is active and that the Software License is up to date.
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How does the Free Download Version work?
The PDQuick Download is fully functional and Free to try so you may configure and test PDQuick completely prior to purchase. All features are enabled in the download including multi-station network operation. After purchase and license activation all info you have entered such as Inventory Items, Touch Screens, Customers and Settings will be preserved for you.

What's disabled in your Free Download Version?
Nothing is disabled, there are no restrictions. The PDQuick Demo Version is a fully functional Point Of Sale solution. You can download and install the PDQuick Demo and even test the Multi-User functionality, Pin Pad Terminals and any other supported hardware. The demo can be used just like our fully activated software. Demo Versions place the words "DEMO" on receipts. You can remove the demo wording by obtaining an Activation code. After activating no information or settings will be lost, everything will be preserved.

How can I obtain a Activation Code and remove demo and time limit restrictions?
The PDQuick Demo Version can be put into live service during or after the free demo period and then upgraded to a fully activated version with all features and any data you have entered in tact. No work will be lost when converting from a demo version to a fully activated version. After purchasing a Service Plan we will send you activation instructions for your software. Please consult our PRICE LIST for details.

How can I get a printed PDQuick user guide?
The PDQuick User Guide is included with your download in PDF format and may be printed. All User Guides are located on your desktop in the PDQuick folder.

Can my existing inventory items be imported into PDQuick?
PDQuick provides built in ASCII CSV import utilities to import data from your legacy or existing programs. These built in features allow for the most important information to be transferred seamlessly into PDQuick. If extensive importing and data manipulation are required PDQuick Software can provide services to convert and transfer your complex data for an additional fee. (more info)

Can I have Integrated Credit Card Processing?
PDQuick can process Card Payments seamlessly using a Serviceed Payment Terminal. Credit, Debit, EBT / SNAP Food Stamp Benefits are all fully Serviceed. PDQuick is Processor Neutral and you may use any processor or merchant services provider of your choice.
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Can I use a weight scale with PDQuick?
NTEP Certification:
PDQuick supports numerous scale models directly connected to the computer. Tare-out is supported. Direct connect scales will automatically enter the weight into the POS system and calculate the price. Be aware that PDQuick is not NTEP certified and if your community requires software to be certified legal for tender you will not be able to connect the scale to the computer. In this case you can use a stand alone scale then enter a weight manually on the Sales Screen or Touch Screen and PDQuick will calculate the total sale price automatically. Type 2 Embedded Price barcodes are also fully supported.

Does PDQuick support restaurants?
PDQuick Retail software does not support restaurants or a business that serves prepared food. However, our other product Plexis POS does support this functionality.
Click HERE to vist PlexisPOS.com.

Can PDQuick work on a Tablet, Andriod OS or iPad?
PDQuick does not operate on Tablet based computers or wireless networks. Operating systems other than Microsoft Windows are not Serviceed.

How often should I Upgrade the Software?
Updating PDQuick is Optional and is not required for continued operation after installation. As an important business tool we do suggest you perform an upgrade from time to time so that you may obtain the latest features and software improvements. If you are upgrading your Windows OS version you may need to upgrade PDQuick for compatibility purposes.

Can you ship PDQuick on a CD, DVD or Physical Media?
PDQuick is not offered on Physical Media. You can DOWNLOAD the installer and copy it to CD ROM, DVD or external memory device. This copy can then be used to install the PDQuick program on any computer or network server of your choice. An internet connection is not required to install PDQuick. Waiting for Physical Media to be delivered is no longer necessary with our instant on-line delivery service.

Without a Program CD what if need to re-install?
The PDQuick backup utility will copy all information to a CD ROM, USB Thumb Drive or other backup media of your choice to keep in a safe place should you need to re-install from scratch. The best method is to use the backup utility after installation and at regular intervals should you experience a total hardware or system failure. You may then restore PDQuick from the last backup point.
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What is the PDQuick Software license?
The PDQuick software license can be used on one computer as a single station or connect multiple Workstation Terminals at one time at the same location on your local area network. Up to 10 LAN workstations can share all of the PDQuick data and functionality. A software license is included free of charge with your monthly Service Plan purchase. No Monthly fee pricing options are also available.

My company has several locations, can I give copies of PDQuick to each location without charge?
You must purchase a monthly Service Plan for each additional business location. A software license is included free of charge with your monthly Service Plan purchase. No Monthly fee pricing options are also available.

Can I convert from a Email Only Service Plan to a Voice Service Plan?
Yes, If you have a PDQuick Email only Service Plan this can be converted to a Voice Service Plan License for an additional fee.
Can PDQuick integrate with QuickBooks or other accounting products?
PDQuick does not directly interface with QuickBooks or other accounting products. PDQuick comes complete with a basic accounting module built in. In most cases there is no need to directly interface to other applications. PDQuick uses industry standard files which can be exported in a variety of methods to other applications if required. CSV Export functions are included to facilitate data migration between applications. Many accounting applications have import utilities built in which will accept data from PDQuick.

What are your Technical Service Policies?
PDQuick provides email Service for basic questions only. Out of date versions are not eligible for email Service. If you have complex questions or difficult issues you should contact the Help Desk Voice Service Department. Please vist the Help Center for access to these services.

I am not in the USA, can I use PDQuick in my country?
PDQuick is designed, sold and Serviced for use in the USA only. We cannot accept payments from foreign financial accounts. We cannot provide Technical Service outside of the USA. We are no longer accepting requests for sales or Service of PDQuick outside of the USA.
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